Our Scientific Committee

Our scientific committee composed of faculty and students that helped us, in International and National (SNEC2013 , NTC2015, etc) conferences. They are from universities and companies around the world, And we are proud of them. Their names are listed below in alphabetical order:

University Instructors

Dr. H. Agahi (fsriau)
Dr. M. Ahmadimoghaddami (Tabriz PNU)
Prof. E. Bahrololoom (Shiraz University)
Dr. J. Barvestani (Tabriz University)
Dr. A. Bazrafshan (Jahrom University)
Dr. N. Basirat (Jahrom PNU)
Dr. R. Derakhshandeh (fsriau)
Dr. R. Mohammadi E. (Payamnoor University of Fasa)
Dr. M. Ghanaatian (Payamnoor University of Jahrom)
Prof. S. Javadpour (Shiraz University)
Dr. S. Kamran (Payamnoor University of Jahrom)
Dr. A. Mahmoodzadeh (fsriau)
Dr. M. Mohebbi (Abadeh University of Applied Sciences, Iran)
Dr. H. Moosavi (Payamnoor University of Jahrom)
Dr. B. Movahedi (Isfahan University)
Dr. R. Raeeszadeh (Kerman University)
Dr. G. Rezaee (Yasooj University)
Dr. A. Shokri (Tehran PNU)
Dr. F. Taghizadeh (Yasuj University)
Dr. B. Vaseghi (Yasooj university)
Dr. M. Zahedifar (Kashan University)
Dr. M. Zakerin (Jahrom University)


Eng. S. Alishvandi (Payamnoor University of Shiraz, Iran)
Dr. O. Alizadeh (Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
Eng. A. Ardeshiri (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA)
Eng. V. Amiri T. (ParsDiako Middle East, Iran)
Eng. N. Andaji G. (Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
Eng. A. Azargoon (Birjand University, Iran)
Eng. M. Barani (Shiraz University, Iran)
Dr. F. Behzadi (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. Z. Bibak (Shiraz University, Iran)
Dr. H. Dehdashti J. (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. O. Dorry (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. H. Ebadi (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. M.S. Esmaeili D. (University of Kiel, Germany)
Eng. S. Fazli (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. M. Ghanaatpishe (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Eng. F. Ghofrani (Shiraz University, Iran)
Dr. H. Hamedinia (Kerman University, Iran)
Dr. L. Heidary (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. R. Kamjou (PARS A.A. Group, Iran)
Eng. R. Karimi H. (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. M. Keshavarz (Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
Dr. M. Malaekshahi (Fedowsi University of Mashhad, Iran)
Eng. R. Mashi (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. A. Mazinani (Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy)
Eng. R. Mehragha (Isfahan University, Iran)
Dr. H. Moghim (Shiraz University, Iran)
Dr. S. Mohammadinezhad (Shiraz University, Iran)
Dr. M. Mokhtarimehr (Northumbria University, England)
Eng. F. Moosavi (Shiraz University, Iran)
Dr. H. Mosaffa (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. A.A. Mosallanezhad (TIGRAN CO., Iran)
Dr. M. Nahavandi (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran)
Dr. H. Nasrfard (Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran)
Eng. A. Nayeri (Koshtaame Shiraz Co., Iran)
Eng. Z. Nejabat (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. H. Pooladi (University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran)
Eng. F. Pooryaei (Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy)
Eng. S. Rashidi (Wichita State University. USA)
Eng. M. Sadeghian J. (Tehran University. Iran)
Eng. Z. Sharifi (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. Z. Shafiee (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. S. Sahraeian (Tarbiat Modares University, Iran)
Dr. S. Solhjoo (Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands)
Dr. M. Soroori (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. Y. Tabari S. (Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
Eng. F. Ziaee (Shiraz University, Iran)
Eng. N. Ziaei (Shiraz University, Iran)